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“Jesus Paid For Our Sins Not Cultural Debts” Muthee Kiengei To Mr. T Mwangi On Dowry Payment Debate

Pastor T Mwangi has caused a debate online after he declared his stand on dowry payment. According to him, it is a form of slave trade and demeaning women since a man buys a woman. Mr. T was against the rituals which are usually conducted during the ceremony saying Jesus Christ was the last Sacrifice.

Pastor Ben Kiengei has reacted on this correcting pastor T on the Matter. According to pastor Ben, he said that culture and Christianity are in the same script since even Jesus followed their culture including circumcision, census and many other irregardless of him being the son of God.

On the matter of Dowry payment, he said that people should respect their culture and what it entails since Jesus paid for our sins and his blood cleanses our inner souls. He added that Jesus didn't pay for our cultural debts and therefore even christians should pay what they owe their culture.

He also said that culture is what shapes us and instills discipline in us from young age before we fix ourselves to Jesus Christ after being born again. He said that dowry payment shows our women how we value them and creates a good relationship between the two families which is more important. What is your view on this?

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