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Muranga Bishop Alleged This About Wajackoyah's Manifesto As He Urges Voters To Do This To Him

Professor Wajackoyah hit the headlines few weeks ago after declaring his presidential bid, furthermore, he launched some of the Manifesto that got the attention of many Kenyans including attracting criticism from religious groups. However, the Roots Party presidential candidate has come under fire from Bishop James Maria Wainaina of the Muranga Catholic Diocese, who claimed that Professor George Wajackoya is not fit to rule this country.

On Sunday, July 3, Bishop of Kangari parish argued that it is wrong for a leader to support illicit behaviors, claiming that doing so will encourage drug abuse and trafficking. He termed Wajackoya's agenda as unethical, dirty and needs to be condemned.

The bishop condemned Wajackoya's proposal to legalize marijuana and prostitution as issues of great concern. He also questioned why the relevant authorities had remained dumb about over legalization of Ganja which is against the Narcotic Drug Act.

He stated that Kenya as a country has historically anchored on religious characters hooked on God-fearing, and that there is a need to look beyond populism and campaign in a political season and begin to look out towards the consequences of such potential policies, in case they are implemented.

Bishop Wainaina went on to say Wajackoya's Ganja Manifesto are highly seductive, and they are swaying many youth and children of this Nation towards dangerous collapse of morality. He stated that legalizing Bhang would pave the way for the influx of other hard drugs, which have proven hard to eradicate in many countries, urging relevant authorities to take immediate action against these deceptive claims.

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