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My Trusted Apostle Slept With Me Several Times Claiming That He Was Casting Out Demons : Lucy Narrat

Lucy Wangechi looks back with a lot of sorrow,regrets and bitterness at how her marriage was ruined by one who called himself Apostle.He slept with her and spoilt her whole life.She was then married to another man but it also did not work out.

Lucy was born and brought up in Murang'a county.Her mother could not afford her school fees to further her education and so she dropped out in form three.She went looking for a job and she met the love of her life.Friendship started and Lucy moved in.

They were now officially married but din't go through the normal ways of marriage.They lived in their mothers house .The husband went to Nairobi in search of a job.He found one and he took his family with him.They were already Blessed with one kid who was a boy.

Her husband introduced her to some church in Ruiru where he used to attend to.There came a day where they had a deliverance conference. Her husband asked her to go and replace her in the church.She packed her bags and left with her young one.

It was a six four days conference. Lucy had gone on Thursday and was supposed to go back home on Sunday. They gathered and decided to go for deliverence door to door. Lucy could not go since her baby was unwell. They were left behind.

The others went for deliverence and later they came back during mid day. The pastor asked Lucy to go with her to one of the church attendants house since she did not attend the door to door one. Lucy left her kid with one of the members and she left.

Before they even reached,Apostle packed his car asked and told Lucy that he wanted to cast demons out of her. She told her that she was possessed by a prostitution demon and wanted to deliver her. The Apostle asked Lucy to get tested for HIV first as per the command of the "Holy Spirit".

The went to the hospital,Lucy got tested and they went back to his car. This is when he removed his anointing oil.He applied Lucy's hands,legs and face.He went down and started passing his hands through her thighs.Lucy noticed something fishy.

She stopped him from touching her.The Apostle threatened to kill her and even removed a knife inside his car and almost stabbed her.Lucy stopped him and asked him to do whatever he wanted with her,but leave her alive.

The Apostle raped her and kicked her out of his car.She went back to the church with a lot of guilty.The pastor came one hour 30mins later .Lucy picked her son and her bags and she left .She went back to her husband house since she was unable to stay due to guilt.

The husband asked her why she came back before time.Lucy had to lie since she could not disclose the truth.She told her husband that she fell I'll and decided to come home.The husband was okay she asked her to go to the hospital then go back to church.

The Apostle became used to Lucy and could call her several times just to get intimate with her.Lucy never hesitated.Instead she accepted everything she was told.It became a habit and Lucy could not hold the guilt anymore.One day she decide to come clean to her husband.

She told her all that had been happening.The husband did not believe it.He stayed calm but went out.On coming back he was totally drunk something he had never done since their marriage begun.Lucy was shocked. She was then chased out of the house.

She ran for her life when she was almost stabbed by the husband. She started a life again and met another man now in this case she says her marriage was worse.The husband was suffering fr HIV but never disclosed to the wife.

They lived together until Lucy was pregnant.One day her husband sent her to get clients keys since they had some rental houses.When Lucy went to get them she found a Tin of drugs.She carried them to a nearby chemist since she really wanted to know.

She was told that they were for HIV patients. Lucy was shocked and she went back home.When she was washing her husband's clothes she found the same type of medicine in his trouser. She now confirmed that it was true he was sick.

Lucy stayed with a lot of fear.She was even unable to take care of her pregnancy. Lucy started going for tests that confirmed she was negative.She could not believe and so she did this on and on.She gave birth to a baby girl.

Her husband started having extra marital affairs and could bring different ladies to their house.He kept Lucy and her two children starving all days.Lucy found this too much to bare and she left.She opened a business in her home town.

One day when he sent his first born boy to the shop,he was molested by unknown people .She later came to know since the boy din't disclose due to fear of being killed as he was threatened.She took him to the hospital and he was treated.

Lucy is pleading with well wishers to help her since she says in all her family members,there is no one to depend on.Her lastborn daughter who is in nursery is at home due to lack of school fees.She says she can handle a green grocer job.

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