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Reading John Chapter Five Can Change Your Life. Take a Look.

The book of John is a Gospel book which tells the account of Jesus Christ. In the book, several things which the Messiah did are documented and some include the parables He told and His miraculous deeds.

Chapter five of the book begins by narrating the healing which Jesus performed to a man by the well.

According to the writing, the man had been ill for 38 years and he lacked somebody to dip him on the well after the waters were stirred.

Since there was a multitude of people with various ailments, it can be concluded that only the first person to get to the waters received healing.

Below is a screenshot of the passage.

From the passage, the following life changing lessons can be derived.

1. Jesus is interested in your problems.

Verse 6 says that Jesus learned that the man had been lying in the condition for a long time. This shows that Jesus was interested in the condition of this man. The Long duration of his condition touched the Messiah. Other versions of the Bible say that Jesus knew the man had been sick for long.

This can give us the comfort that there is somebody somewhere who is aware of our conditions and no matter the sad state of affairs we may be in, The Messiah has a close following on our life matters. A realization which should give us a smile despite whichever condition we may be going through.

2. Jesus Requests Our Permission for Him to Get into our Lives.

Jesus wants our approval to help us, and He cannot dip Himself in our state of life, no matter how sad it it, unless we invite Him.

Verse 6 ends with Jesus asking the man, "Do you want to get well?". Thus the messiah is always ready to assist us and He constantly is asking if we need His assistance in our lives.

3. Jesus only Helps if we admit our weaknesses and call Him in.

No matter the deep and desperate situation we may be in, unless we acknowledge our weakness and call upon the Messiah, He will no help us.

In Verse 7, the man admits he has nobody to get him to the pool once the waters are stirred. In simpler language, the man is telling Jesus that he relies on His help since all other people have neglected to help him to the pool. He also is telling Jesus that he is too weak to be the first one to jump into the waters.

Thus, we need to admit our weaknesses and surrender fully to Jesus and allow Him to intervene in our lives.

4. Jesus Heals in supernatural ways.

In verse 8, Jesus Heals the man by simply telling him to get up, pick his mat and go. Quite a mervelous act which the man must have been astonished with since he immediately got well.

The man maybe expected Jesus to volunteer and dip him to the well when the waters were stired by Jesus had other ways to heal Him.

This tells us that the moment we invite Jesus in our issues, He is capable of taking us through them in ways we don't even immagine they coud work out. In another language, Jesus has in store for us so many miraculous ways of turning our life around, only if we invite Him and allow Him to lead our way.

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