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Pastor Ezekiel tells wife to dump him if he stops serving God

Pastor Ezekiel is known to be one of the most prominent pastors in Kenya.He heals people from sicknesses and so many difficulties and do urge people to never get tired of praising and worshiping God.He has changed lives of people across Kenya especially those who lost their faith in God.

He always preaches along together with his wife Sarah who is also a pastor like him.The two have been married for a long time now.Their relationship experienced some challenges since pastor Ezekiel's relatives didn't want him to marry his wife Sarah since she wasn't educated, she couldn't even speak English.He told his followers that he decided to go against his relatives wish and married the love of his life.

Pastor Ezekiel in his church in Kilifi preached about maintaining a good relationship with God. In his preaching, he told his wife that incase he will turn against Jesus then she should just dump him and continue serving God.

"Sarah, if you hear pastor Ezekiel has backslided please don't stick with me, leave me and continue serving the Lord.I knew you when you were saved,it is better to live your life with christ than with a man who doesn't worship God," pastor Ezekiel said in Swahili.

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