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Pastors in the city Dealt Big Blow After Police Gave Inside Information Concerning Fake Preaching

Pastors in the city dealt a big blow after the police gave this information concerning them. They have warned those preachers in the city who are faking preaching and making loud noises to the netizens.

In the country there is only one thing that is key when opening a church service in the country. The number of flocks that come into your church. The number determines the revenue collection without tax. This makes them to enjoy the staller of free money.

However the rising cases of members who are preaching are indeed increasing day by day and the authorities now are worried about the trend. Punitive measure have been put in place to safeguard the growing number of the members.

"Establishing whetherone is a genuine preacher or not is a difficult task. Anyone who had lost their money through such people come forward," says police commander. It is becoming impossible to prosecute such cases since it requires sufficient information and witnesses.

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