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Meet 3 Most Educated Pastors In Kenya With High Academic Achievements

We'll be talking about the highly credentialed pastors in Kenya in this piece. The following are just a few of the anointed pastors who also happen to have impressive academic credentials.

Pastor Natasha Lucy

She received her elementary schooling at an Umoja estate school in Nairobi before continuing her study in South Africa. In addition to her degrees in PR and Theology, Rev. Lucy Natasha also has experience in the public sector.

It is said that she has more education than most pastors in Kenya.

Rev. Margaret Wanjiru

Is a bishop at Jesus Is Alive Ministries and a politician in Kenya (JIAM). A 22nd-of-December, 1961 baby, she entered the world on that day.

She is an expert in the fields of religion, teaching, and humanities, and she holds a Doctor of Divinity degree. The minister also holds a diploma in leadership from prestigious American university Harvard.

The Prophet Owuor

David Owuor, PhD, comes from modest means but has achieved great success in the field of molecular genetics. During his time spent preaching the gospel from 2002 to now, he gained widespread notoriety. He is an internationally recognized prophet whose evangelistic efforts have reached people all over the world.

Dr. David Owuor is better known by his nickname, "prophet Owuor," which means "mighty prophet." He is well-known all over the world for the massive crusades he leads to preach the gospel of repentance.


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