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Reason Why God Himself Buried Moses In A Secret Place

Whole life of Moses was surrounded by God's love and favour. Moses is referred to as ‘ the greatest of all time'. At the time of his birth, Israelites were slaves to Egyptians. Moses killed an Egyptian who mistreated an Israelite and due to this he was exiled from Egypt for 40 years before he met with God who made him to go Bach Egypt to free Israelites from Egyptian servitude.

Moses was great to God. He is the only one who has ever talked to God face to face. He was an earthly god who had come to life in a number of ways. Moses died at the age of 120. Something surprising about Moses death is that their was a battle between Satan and an angel of God fighting for his body. God Himself buried Moses in a secret grave.

Maybe God did this to Moses' body because He knew that Israelites would commit a sin of idolatry in their hearts by worshiping Moses, I believe that God decided to bury Moses Himself to prevent the Israelites from building his graven image which they could use to worship him.

If you have any other reason that made God to bury Moses in a secret tomb you can let us know. Follow this account for more detailed information please.

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