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Eating Their Dead Relatives Bodies For Breakfast And Supper, See Why

Endocannibalism. This is the act of feasting on the flesh of the dead people from the same tribe or community. Endocannibalism was practiced in the past but most recently a group of people from South America have shown the same act. They are feasting on their dead relatives.

For the people of Wari community in Western Brazil, endocannibalism was a thing. The roasted remains of fellow Wari people were consumed in a mortuary setting. However, rejecting the practice would be seen as offensive to the entire family.

Yánomamö consumed ground up bones and ashes of the cremated kinsmen in a act of mourning. Such practices were generally not believed to have been driven by the need for protein or other food.

These tribes are not easily influenced by modernization or westernization but rather still practice their culture. The Yanomani are a native tribe that believes that the soul needs to be protected after the body of the person dies. They believe that the soul only rests well when the body has been burned and eaten by the relatives.

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