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Kurudisha Mkono: Pastor Ng, Ang, aVisits Home He Grow Up in, Gives them Cach

Pastor Ng'ang'a was all smiles when he paid the family that helped raised him a visit.His wife and some members of their church accompanied the celebrity pastor.Ng'ang'a also gifted the members of that home some cash 'ya sukari' and he distributed it to each of them.

In the video seen by Nairobi News on September 26, Nganga was seated on a table placed in front of his wife, Loise Murugi Mwangi, while she was seated in front of the entire congregation.He spoke to her as she held onto a microphone- supposedly to respond to him- before she cast it aside in anger and frustration.

Ng’ang’a also opined on current relationships and marriages saying most of them are founded on material things.He called for genuine love among couples, advising them to look beyond wealth.The preacher also commented on the use of phones in relationships saying snooping on your partner’s device might lead to many problems

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