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Moments When You Should Close Your Mouth.

People are never happy of others progress. They might be your workmates, friends or even relatives. When we succeed most of the times we tend to share our success with our closest friends. Most of these friends have hidden agendas that are difficult to see on the outside.

Examples of moments when you should close your mouth include;

*Buying a new car.

*Buying a new house.

*Getting promoted at the work place.

*Getting married.

99% of the time the reason that our dreams don't come true when they were suppossed to is because we open our mouth too soon to the wrong people and at the wrong time, close your mouth.

The majority of your "friends" want to see you do well but never better than them.

Remember also, that even family members have a hidden envy. Remember of the story of Joseph and his brothers. His own brothers envied him and even planned of killing him. This however didin't stop God from fulfilling his destiny.

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