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Was Jesus Christ Really Born On December 25th According To The Bible

Hello guys and welcome back to my channel. Hope you are well and good as we enter to the festive season. Many people usually ask themselves was Jesus Christ really born on December 25th? I got you covered today.

Christmas is usually on December 25th but it wasn’t always. December 25 is not the date mentioned in the Bible as the day of Jesus’s birth; the Bible is actually silent on the day or the time of year when Mary was said to have given birth to him in Bethlehem. The earliest Christians did not celebrate his birth.

As a result, there are a number of different accounts as to how and when Dec. 25 became known as Jesus’s birthday.

By most accounts, the birth was first thought in around 200 A.D. to have taken place on Jan. 6. Why? Nobody knows, but it may have been the result of “a calculation based on an assumed date of crucifixion of April 6 coupled with the ancient belief that prophets died on the same day as their conception,” according to By the mid-4th century, the birthday celebration had been moved to Dec. 25. Who made the decision? Some accounts say it was the pope; others say it wasn’t.

In conclusion, according to the bible, no one knows clearly when Jesus Christ was born. You can also feel free to drop your opinions in the comments section below.

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