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Signs God Is Telling You To End Your Relationship

When God is telling you to end your relationship, there are signs you see.This may be due to some reasons.May be that relationship is going to affect you in future.God does not want his children to perish forever.He always guide you to follow safe way.When one has gone wrong way, God will correct him or her.That is why God want to end some things like relationship which is going to harm you.Here are signs God is telling you to end that relationship.

1.That person does not respect you.When you are saying something, that person does not listen to what you are talking or take any action for what you have said immediately.The person interrupts you while you are talking and comment before you finish talking.

2.The person makes you to disobey God.The person makes you to follow bad routes making you to disobey God.He or she makes you to break God's commandments.

3.The relationship breaks God's rule.Some commits an adultly which is the biggest sin.The relationship breaks God's commandments among the ten commandments.

4.You have no limit and control when you are with that person.You are doing things without control.You are not patient with anything.You can not allow time for any anything to happen.

5.You partner is not treating you well in that relationship.You partner does not value you in that relationship.He or see does not see you important.

6.You value that person more than God.The person puts you first before God.The person see that you are most important that God.

7.There is no agreement in that relationship.No one can agree to what one is saying.When one says something, the other one disagree impolitely without respect.

8.The relationship has become harmful and heartbreaking between partners.Everbody want to rule over the other.No one wants to be ruled or guided.Conflics become among yourselves.

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