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5 Ways You Can Distinguish A True Christian From A False Christian

Jesus Christ prepared his disciples in advance telling them that false Messiahs would arise. Some people would claim to belong to the light when in real sense they are the real embodiment of darkness. Angels of darkness disguised as angels of light. In such perilous times, we ought to have proper discernment.

Jesus Christ did not leave us in the darkness as to what a true Christian should look like. The following are some ways you can identify a true Christian:

1. They obey the word of God and it's teachings

Jesus Christ said that if indeed we claim to be his disciples, then we should follow his commands. This means that a true follower if Christ walks in obedience to the word of God.

2. They show love to all

God is love. Anyone who loves God should express the loving nature of God to all. Apostle John teaches that if we claim to love God yet we hate our brothers then we are liars.

3. A true Christian is forgiving

They don't seek revenge but peace. They show love even to those that hate them and find it easy to forgive rather than hate and confront.

4. They love praying and reading the word of God

A person who loves God indeed nurtures their relationship with God through prayer and reading the word. This way, they develop their spiritual stamina and gain more knowledge and understanding of God.

5. A true Christian is concerned about winning souls to Christ

Evangelism should be at the heart of every true Christian. This is one of the assignments that Jesus Christ gave the disciples before His ascension. This makes it possible to reach out to sinners and bring them to the knowledge of God.

What are the other signs of a true Christian?

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