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Why Hating God's People Isn't Going To Stop God From Showering His Blessings On Them

Don't ever think that you will stop people from prospering because you hate and detest them. See, people's bitterness towards you is not God's yardstick when blessing you is brought to His divine court. Joseph was hated by his brothers, and even in a foreign land, a woman lied against him and this landed him in a dungeon even though he was innocent.

These dark events in the life of Joseph didn't stop God from bringing His plans for David to fulfillment. See, that man's bitterness towards that woman is not tantamount to barrenness in her life; God will bless her even as that man sits in one corner and eats his flesh up, all in the name of anger towards an innocent poor woman.

God wouldn't stop showering blessings on others because someone gave orders; God is bigger than anyone's grudge or anger. See, God doesn't take permission to bless anybody... He is a God of justice and equity, and He knows when and how to lift your head even as He prepares a banquet for you in the presence of your enemies

Remember that hating God's people isn't going to stop God from showering His blessings on them. It will only make you bitter when you see that your earthly judgment, anger, and bitterness hold no power to His power and that your curses cannot cause the showers of blessings from raining on them.

Don't be jealous and don't let envy make you raise your hand against any man. Know your mandate to see the other as a competition. In all, live your life and don't be afraid of bitter attacks, evil evaluations, gossip, and murmurings; God is bigger than every grudge.

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