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The Mark Of The Beast 666 and How we use it now

The number of the Beast is associated with the Beast of the Revelation in chapter 13 , verse 18 of the book of revelation ,In the most manuscripts of the new testerment and in English translation of the Bible ,the number of the Beast is Six Hundred and Sixty Six.

'666" is cryptically to in Revelation 13,16-18 as the MARK or number of the Beast said to mark the forehead or the right hand of all who buy and sell.

Due to its associates with the antcrist and the suppleness of the symbol 666 came to be identified throughout its long history with whatever enemy a given opocalypticist might have had in mind ,including Catholic,the papity freemasons ,and learser of Israel and of Islam.In such cases the number 666 loses it original biblical context entirely and serves to justify tears or hatred.

where did 666 come From ? In the king James version the assignment of the number is phrased thusly .Here is the wisdom the occurrence of 666" is sometimes viewed an invocation of Satan and regarded as cursed.

We use this number of the Beast "666" everyday in everything we do and use ,like if you may take time and check you watch,or mobile watch or even computer/laptop and read it's time.example if your time tells you is 10:am..that means its four in the morning ,when it reads 8:pm it means its two at night.of which in real sense it should be exactly two to two .not 8to 2. Here it comes now in your reading time read it wrote down somewhere and minus real time like if it reads 11am then minus real time 5.the answer is SIX.if you check or time numbers we use evertime you will definitely left with 666.

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