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Steps For Moving Forward In Life

First, don’t go it alone. Chances are if you’re overwhelmed in some of these areas, you will need support and accountability to make the necessary changes.

Second, face the fears that are keeping you from doing what you need to do. Is it fear of someone being mad at you? Rejecting or disapproving of you? Fear of being “both feet in” and making a full commitment?

Third, ask these questions as an ongoing discipline, not as a one-time event. Life, other people, and many forces will always be vying for your time and energy, so you have to stand strong as the guardian of your purposes, goals, values, and life. It is up to you…own it.

Fourth, answer and act on these questions in all of the important areas of your life: relationships, personal goals, work, health, and spirituality. We have to take ownership of all aspects of life; otherwise, life will “happen to us” instead of being “lived by us.”

Forward progress won’t happen by accident. It takes ownership and courage to create the life God has planned for you to live, and not allow the one He doesn’t.

When I Can't See God Working

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