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3 Similarities Between Anglican Church (ACK) and Catholic Church

Similarities Between Anglican Church (ACK) and The Catholic Church

Hello guys and welcome to my article. Today I am going to talk to you about the similarities between the Anglican church of Kenya and the Catholic church of Kenya.

Have you ever attended the Anglican church mass? Are you a catholic? Are the two churches related? The answer to this question is yes. The two churches are related and here is why.

1. Both have a holy communion

Both churches have a holy communion and take holy Eucharist and holy Wine. But the difference is that the procedure that the Anglican church use during the communion is different from the Catholic procedure.

2. Both recite the I believe prayer

The I believe prayer is usually recited to show the faith that one has to their church. Both the Catholics and Anglicans recite this prayer.

3. Special Clothes worn by the Reverent Fathers

The clothes worn by the ACK Fathers look almost the same as those worn by the Catholic fathers. But the only difference is the outer gown that that the catholic fathers wear to symbolize the Catholic periods of the year. Eg. Pentecost, death of Jesus, Resurrection, Christmas etc.

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