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Spiritual Weapon Warfare That Will Guarantee Victory During Prayer

Spiritual warfare requires spiritual weapons and God's divine involvement. This is because we cannot wage a spiritual warfare with our own human power. We fight against dark spiritual powers in high places and against powers and principalities that bow to no man. God does not leave us defense less but has made a way so that we can always ask for help and he will rise up and fight for us. Some of these weapons are:  

1.The Word of God   Hebrews 4:12 describes the Word of God as living and active, a two-edged sword sharper than any other sword. It can penetrate the mind and soul. In fact, through the Word of God we can achieve victory over our enemy, the devil. Through the Word of God, Jesus Christ overcame the devil during his temptation in the wilderness (Matthew 4:14). That is why the Word of God is powerful and all we have to do is believe. 

2. The blood of Jesus Christ  There is power in the blood of Jesus Christ.When we praise God, He acts on our behalf and saves us from all forms of attack. The Bible says that God dwells in the praise of his people. Therefore, praising God guarantees God's security and victory when we face difficulties . Like Paul and Silas in prison, we should praise God and He will set us free from all slavery (Acts 16:25-36).  

3. Prophecy This includes the word that God spoke about our lives as His children.We can align ourselves with the Word of God for our lives and walk in victory. For example, Isaiah 54:17 explains that no weapon formed against us will prosper because that is the inheritance of the righteous. When we know God's prophecy for our lives, it becomes difficult for the enemy to prevail. God fulfills the prophecies (Isaiah 44:26).  

4. The Name of Jesus Christ  Whenever we engage in spiritual warfare, the name of Jesus is definitely our anchor.Jesus is a present help at the time of the news. A refuge and a fortress. When we call on the name of Jesus, we call on the manifestation of His power over our lives and the situations that come our way. All in heaven and on earth bow before the name of Jesus Christ because God has exalted and glorified Him (Philippians 2:911). 

5. The Word of Our Testimony  Our testimony is a weapon because it serves as evidence against the enemy and his accusations or attacks.If we say, what God has done, the devil has no choice than to be silent and defeated.

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