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People In The Bible Whom God Never Gave A Second Chance After They Made Mistakes

1. Judas Iscariot. We all know this man as the person who betrayed the identity of Jesus to the people who wanted to sacrifice him. After he betrayed Jesus, Judas never had any peace and he committed suicide thereafter.

2. King Saul. Saul was the first king of Israel. Although he had been chosen by God to rule over Israel, he at one point went against the will of God and was punished for this. At one point he was supposed to make a sacrifice to God in the presence of prophet Samuel. However, when Samuel delayed to come, Saul made the sacrifice himself and this annoyed God. He chose David to take over his kingdom.

3. Cain. This was the first son of Adam and Eve. When Cain got jealous with Abel because God loved him, he decided to kill him. His actions angered God so much that he could not forgive him. He sent him away from the rest of the people and made him a Wonderer. No one knows what happened to him thereafter.

4. Lucifer. The bible tells us that at one time Lucifer was the best angel in the Kingdom of God. However, when he saw how popular he had become, pride came over him and he began to disobey God. God could not take it anymore and sent him away from his territory.

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