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Why You Have to Read Your Bible and Pray Everyday

Reading a Bible and praying is a key to our life and success as well. But you may discover that most people don't like reading their Bibles and praying. Furthermore, some even don't have bibles. Even though they don't have, technology has easen things by installing Bible apps in smartphones.

In this world that we are living in alot always happen. You may hear about accident, death, fight, fire which has consumed property worth billions and killed people. But you are still alive as these scenes happen. Do you why this is so? It's because of the protection we receive from God.

So reading a bible and praying should be a daily routine in once life. Changes may occur abruptly in this current world. Good and evil are happening day in day out.

So here are reasons why you have to read your bible and pray everyday.

1. So that you may feel the beauty of staying closer to God. Praying is an act of communicating with God. Staying in His presence make life possible.

2. To keep evil away. There is power in reading the bible and praying. Even if there was a badomen likely to occur, God always give protection to His people.

3. To know how to choose what is good and what is evil. The wise teachings from Jesus Christ proves that we need to think in the right manner before we act. Just think about the Ten commandments.

4. So that we may have hope in life. The moment we pray, He hears and answers prayers. He gives Hope to his people even if they are about to give up.

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