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Two Powerful Miracles of Jesus From the Holy Quran.

According to christian scholars many things were ommited. When it comes to the miracles of Jesus, not all that were recorded as they were too many.

The records in the bible also was based on his disciples memories. For example, after the death, ressurection and accession of Jesus most of disciples found the need to write the gospel.

There two powerful miracles that Jesus is believed to perform but was not recorded in the gospel but is recorded in the holy Quran which is the reference book by the muslims faithfuls.

Jesus spoke When he was still an infant

According to the holly Quran surah Maryam 19:29 to 34, when Jesus was an infant he amazed many when he said that he is a servant of the almighty God and had been made a prophet.

Jesus made a bird from clay.

In surah AL maidah 5:110 it is well narrated how Jesus created a bird from clay and breathed into it and it got life.

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