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Alisema Aombewe" Church Member Reveals What Musyoka Did in Church Before he Started Working With IEBC

Family members and friends have continued to express their emotions after receiving the news of Musyoka's death.

Many have continued to reveal details of the kind of a person he was where many describe him as a kind, hardworking and a man who was friendly to people.

According to a church member, he has revealed that the last time he saw Musyoka was when he attended church on the last Sunday before he started working with IEBC.

He claims that on that Sunday he asked the pastor and the church members to pray for him since the work he was attending was very hard for him.

He claims that was the last time he saw Musyoka. He has revealed that they have lost a committed church member and a choir member.

The church is still in shock as well as Musyoka's family where they have been left wondering why would someone kill their kin.

They have urged the government to intervene and bring criminals to books. May the soul of Musyoka rest in peace.

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