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10 Truths in Life that we are not Ready to Hear About

We all live our life and we are sure that one day we shall die. One of the saddest truths is that one day we will be forgotten by everybody on earth and people will still go on with their lives

Most people cannot take tea or even coffee without sugar. You will be surprised to realize that sugar is a drug and there are some individuals who are addicted to this substance

Some people really have a disadvantage because of where they begin their life from. If you grow up in the hood, with no money and you have to skip school to go and work because you dad left your mum, it doesn’t matter how hard you try, you will always be behind compared to that person who lives in a safe area, schools are good and his or her parents can put food on the table

Another fact about life is that most people always want to see you do better in life. They do not want you to suffer but the only irony about this is that they will not be happy when you do better than them. 

Most products we use today, for instance gadgets, clothes and even food are for the most part products of human slavery, poor wages and very harsh working conditions

No matter how good people say you are, you might be surprised to find out that you are a villain in someone else’s story. There will always be someone out there who remembers you as a bad person in their story

Sometimes the brain plays tricks with us and you might find out that some of your childhood memories are without doubt false memories. You brain might just be making up stories

As we all assume that some people do not get what they deserve because life is unfair. What if life was fair? There would be still some people who wouldn’t deserve much of anything

We might ignore this fact but this is the truth, appearance matters a lot in life. Studies have revealed that attractive people have more opportunities in life and they also treated better

The one place that you will find some of the nicest things being said about a person is during their funeral. People shower the person with nice words especially if the person was not very likeable

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