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This Less Talked About Illness Claimed the Life of The Longest Serving Roman Pope.

While the world keeps afloat sensational news about Covid-19, we threaten to blanket-cover some of the most serious illnesses that are almost fatal. Although I appreciate the ravenous watch on Covid-19, I personally think we shouldn't relegate these serious illnesses like governments and media platforms are doing.

You have probably heard of epilepsy or witnessed a friend or family member painfully endure a seizure attack. It is not usually a pleasant sight to watch. The foaming mouths, clenched fists and respiratory struggles,tongue furrows and bites, significantly receding eyes, and alarming near-death experiences. To get a glimpse of what I am saying, just head to You Tube and search "epilepsy" or "seizure attack" and cringe-worthy videos will leave you reeling in astounding shock.

That said, you probably didn't know that the longest serving Roman Pope was actually epileptic. Yes, that is right! Pope Pius IX was actually a certified epileptic. Born as Giovanni Maria Mastai Ferretti, Pope Pius IX's papacy ordination happened from 1846 to 1878 when he met his untimely death. Apparently, the pope was saying a rosary with his staff when he experienced a seizure attack and subsequent heart attack which caused his death from epilepsy, having served for over 31 years. This makes him the longest pontificate in papal history.

Perhaps the embarrassing stereotypes assigned by society to epilepsy makes it a hushed illness. Although celebrity support for this silent illness is beginning to pick up, more awareness is needed to normalize public speaking of seizure attacks and resultant epilepsy.

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