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"I Witnessed 48 Of Our Gang Members Die" Pastor Recounts Life In Crime Before Getting Saved

Many who are deep into religion or Christianity, have got deep secrets to share, some have got reasons which pushed them into believing in God and choosing to serve him.

Not all were born christians, some convert as they grow old while some get pushed into religion by some situations which they go through.

This is the same case with Pastor Patrick Maloba who has come out to narrate how he found himself in Church. In an exclusive interviews with a local media house, Maloba revealed that he lived a miserable life before finally becoming a ChristianPastor Patrick Maloba in an exclusive interviews with a local media house.

He recounted being deep into drugs where he drunk thd illicit brew, smoked cigarettes and used Bhang and to sustain this life, he entered into crime.

The born again pastor narrated how he organised and planned crimes which would be executed by his team members. They stole and killed individuals, however for him, he was just a planner.

Patrick Maloba preaching in a market after recieving Salvation. Photo/Courtesy.

He sadly recounted witnessing all the 48 members of his gang being killed one by one, however, for himhe survived as he was not directly involved in conducting these raids.

Pastor Patrick Maloba preaching in his church. Photo/Courtesy.

Patrick recalled a day when he got drank, took three good days without being sober, it was during this time that he claimed to have recieved the voice of God calling him to stop sinning and get saved.

According to him, he visited a Pastor within Nairobi, the pastor introduced him to a church, the Calvary Temple where he was enrolled to discipleship classes which he successfully completed and began preaching.

Pastor Patrick Maloba in his church. Photo/Courtesy.

He revealed that he has since embarked on saving those who are lost in drugs and other crimes and he always welcomes them in his church. According to him, being a drunkard is the most challenging thing and government should look for a way of handling the menace.

He has been preaching in his church and walks in Markets to Spread the word of God. Watch his story here

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