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"Imani Potovu?" Woman Dies While Giving Birth At Home As Her Church Doesn't Believe In Hospitals

Muranga County residents were left dumpfounded after a 30 year-old woman died while giving birth at home because her Church doesn't believe in hospital treatment but faith.


According to reports privy to the dumpfounding account, Njeri whom was a member of the Church based in Ngurunga Village succumbed while giving birth at home as her Church doesn't believe in medicine but believes faith heals.

According to Ngurunga residents, they want the Church to be closed effectively as it goes against human rights citing the Church tends to mislead people.


The Muranga County account comes after a series of similar accounts whereby churches tend to believe on certain things which in most cases doesn't end well.

It's just some few months ago a pastor believed he would resurrect if he's burried only for him to suffocate and die after he was burried by his church members while trying to justify his believes.

What is your opinion over this matter and Churches with such believes?

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Imani Potovu Muranga County Ngurunga Njeri


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