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Your Blessings Are Hidden In Prayer

As Christians, we communicate to God through prayer and worship. The importance of prayer is not to be taken for granted because even Jesus himself would resort to prayer when he encountered a challenge. When communicating or praying to God you have the freedom to ask for anything from God, no one limits what you can pray for, or what time you are supposed to pray, it is by your own volition.

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What is prayer? It is communicating with God in your own way on your own terms, It is you and God.No one is listening to what you pray for, no one is able to judge you because you are speaking with your heavenly is not When no one seems to listen, pray, when you are happy to pray, when you are troubled pray, when you are afraid to pray and when your prayers have been answered pray to God and thank him.

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God himself tells us as Christians in his own words, "Let not your heart be troubled." in John 14:1. He also sends us a message through Mathew 11:28, "Come to me all who are weary and I will give you rest. Tell the Lord in heaven your desire and they shall be granted to you in no time. Ask and you shall receive, knock and it shall be opened for you. There is only one rule in the Kingdom of God and that is you have not because you ask not. If you do not pray for what you want then who will do it for you?

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Praying to God is not only in times of need but a constant conversation with God, inviting him into your life every day. Jesus Christ the son of God always prayed to his father even in his last moments because he knew the power of prayer.

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