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Don't Skip Blessings And Favors, Prayer Miracle To Declare Success In Your Business And Work

If you are jobless, in need of promotion or failure in business or work, Humbly believe and say this prayer.

Declaring Success

We declare success in business today. Let our business be of great service to others, flourishing through decency, honesty and respect for our colleagues and customers.

May we be strong and courageous, making wise decisions, guided by the holy Spirit, and not terrified or discouraged.

Give us wisdom and calm so that we can rightly access every situation and bring peace and productivity.

General Prayer

Thank you for giving each and everyone of us calling, skills and talents to be able to work. We praise you for giving us confidence, for you having it all together when we don't and for showing us that you are with us under all circumstances.

Teach us what it looks like to work hard, for you and not for our managers.

Bless us and expand horizons of our territories in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ.


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