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Are You Religious or Spiritual?

This is a question that many have asked without getting the real answer that can satisfy them fully, for there is both thin line and a big difference in religion and spirituality, in their set ups and practices involved. I can define religion as man seeking to know God through the veils that he has put upon himself, religion is work that man is involved in as he pursues to be reunited with his creator. This will involve a communication where man is instructed on what to do and what not to do. Many love this place because they don't have responsibilities but they are lead by laws and principles which completely they follow without asking any question.

In religion once you're told "Do not" it remains at that, you are not supposed to ask any question lest the deity pours his wrath on you and you get killed. This works on the basis of reward and punishment. Inasmuch as you may feel like doing something, you don't have the freedom to do so because you fear the consequences that will follow. The greatest threat is death and perhaps being excommunicated. From this perspective there is no relationship at all. For whatever we are given is what is passed down to generations after generation.

Many are so religious to the extent that there is nothing they enjoy in life. The first thing religion kills is desire then creativity, such that once you become a religious person you're expected to be a stooge to the extend that whatever you were initially doing is totally wrong however much you enjoyed it, these things are termed as sin and abomination to the deity. This will kill that Divine seed within you that you remain spiritually dead while living naturally.

On the other hand spirituality is the process of seeking the truth and having a relationship, seekers never accept things without asking questions, this is where you are not bound to a lot of laws binding you not to explore the things that you have been given naturally. Like Christianity is not a religion from it's definition these are people who are like Christ. Which means they are living beyond the laws that veil the hearts of men. The key in spirituality is the access, when you access it through the man Jesus who is the truth and the life then you will explore the extraordinary realms.

Christianity is where God comes to seek for man, basically you can't seek something worthless, so when God decided to send His son to die for humanity then He needed humanity more than His son. It's an intimate relationship where He is not only instructing us to do things but we see what he does and do them. In this relationship first of all, two people can't walk together unless they agree, the agreement is that for us to walk together we must be in equal status or even if not with time we need to be. For wisdom can't reason with foolishness, thus you are made wisdom to reason with wisdom.

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