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Popular Gospel Singer Ex-wife Quits Akurinu Sect (VIDEO)

Of the Akurinu sect, Popular Allan Aaron Ex-wife Ann Shiku has opted to call it a quit. She says that there is no rule that guides on removal of turban. Akorino community is known for its distinctive sartorial style which, depending on one's gender, includes a turban or head cloth, the most conspicuous symbol of the faith to outsiders. 

Despite it being more stereotypical, Ann Shiku has cut ties with the religious group. Sharing her experience, she claims that after separation with the Ex-husband, she went through a difficult moment in life because every asset in the house was gone. So she had to begin from scratch.

At this terrific moment of pain, Ann never imagined that close friends whom they used to share the pulpit and attend critical church services and functions together stayed away. Ann recalls a time when the church members ever respected her to the maximum to a point of labelling her `mum'. The dignity and Honor disappeared suddenly and every friend went mute.

Ann Shiku says that she could send text messages to them pleading for just 300 sh to cater for a night meal so that the 4 kids would find comfort. All this efforts were futile and nobody bothered even to pay a visit at her newly bedsitter. Ann suffered much bearing In mind she had an experience of posh life.

Remember that after ex-husband one Allan Aaron released a Collabo with daddy owen dubbed `kiriro', it became a hit making him a hotcake in events, functions and even popular shows. So money came in plenty. Ann Shiku bearer the little pain and the single coins she collected from her side hustle were able to facilitate the basic necessities of the innocent kids.

After a deep spiritual reflection, Ann Shiku found out that the many people who kept checking her were outsiders and newly friends. That's when she completely decided to exit the Akurinu religion. Currently, she fellowships in a different church. She is too looking for a lover while waiting for God's timing. On the meantime, she leads a noble organization of SPAK (single parent association of Kenya) offering basic knowledge and advisory motivational messages to single parents. She mainly advises them not to lose hope and single parenthood is not a disability. Ann says that destiny is personal and mtu akiachwa anachika.

Their separation with the popular artist still remains a nightmare with unclear endings. Allan has never shared his story despite it being a mater of public interest which became a debate in the court of public opinion. Nevertheless he moved on after the US trip and is happily married to a second wife who has never been revealed physically in the public. 

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