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Husband and wife relationship

"He is My Husband Not My Child" Lady Gushes Over Her Short Hubby

Everyone in this world is unique in their own way. It is unfortunate that there are people who are looked down upon because they were born with certain characteristics.

Damascene is a man who is extremely short with deformed legs. He said that people think that he is useless and at some point told him that he would never get someone to marry.

To their surprise, Damascene got a beautiful girl who loved him and accepted to marry him. People tried discouraging her from settling with him but she did not listen to them because she was in love.

Because of his height, many people tend to think that he is a small boy. His wife is sometimes forced to tell them that he is not her child but her husband.

According people, Damascene was able to get a wife but he would not be able to impregnate her. They almost believed what people said since they did not get a child in three years of their marriage. Fortunately, God took away their shame by blessing them with a child after years of waiting.

What hurts Damascene is the fact that his health has began deteriorating daily. That he is likely to die and leave his child to suffer alone in this world. He asked well-wishers to help him get proper medication because he is not financially well-off.

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