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MUTHEE KIENGEI WATORIA response to Archdeacon Kimani

Jesus Compassion Ministries Int’l

Muthee Kiengei Watoria, also known as Pastor Ben, has faced battles since he left the AIPCA church and started his church in Bypass Ruiru. Pastor Ben is leading a massive congregation in Jesus Compassion Ministries Int’l, which has brought out some heated debate from most people. From one of the circulating clips, Archdeacon Kimani condemned Pastor Ben to live on the pulpit during his sermon. He claimed that Pastor ben / Muthee Kiengei was up for a more prominent position which he did not receive in the AIPCA church. The archdeacon further said that the AIPCA Pulpit was not for comedy but for preaching the word of God. Archdeacon Kimani said this while preaching in AIPCA Gatundu cathedral, where Pastor Ben had been ordained a pastor after returning to the priesthood. The irony is to the fullest since Pastor Ben worked hard to build this church and make it a better place. Before leaving to start his congregation ,Pastor Ben had been serving at AIPCA Kibia church in Githunguri.

Pastor ben’s followers have taken the statements without a lot of seriousness and made various statements on social media platforms. Further, pastor Ben has also reacted to this and has made a very long statement on his Facebook account. From what he said, pastor Ben has come out very clearly that he was not after any leadership position and that in the AIPCA protocol, you cannot get to the Bishop stage by bypassing all other steps below it. He said he is still leading as a pastor until the day senior men and women ordained in the Bishopric office will ordain him. 



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