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Prayer Points For Great And Mighty Things

God wants to show all of us great and mighty things. Often, we pray and ask God to heal, rebuild, restore and show mercy just to see the opposite take place.

We cry out to God to answer us and He shows us more hurt and disappointment! No doubt, this is how Jeremiah felt while he was in prison.

The truth is, that God has to deal with the sin before he can perform versus 6-17. When the sin is dealt with, then God begins to do the great and mighty things he promised in verse 3.

Do you remember what God promised Jeremiah in verse 3? Take a look again, “I will SHOW you.” Take a look at verse 6, “BEHOLD.” The promise has finally arrived!

God now begins to do the work of great and mighty things down to verse 17. Amid all these great promises, the greatest one of them all is found in verses 15-16.

He describes the coming of the Lord Jesus, giving him the title, “The Branch.” The Branch would come from David’s lineage to execute judgment and righteousness on the earth. This is a reference to the second coming of Christ based on the description of his mighty acts.

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