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Bishop Advices Kisii Young Politicians To Respect God.

Politicians have been told to embrace peace and respect worshiping places because they are holy.Speakimg at Sameta Subcounty,Kisii Diocese Bishop Okemwa Maidura, threatened to uttter curses against some politicians who despised church gatherings and tried to convert them into political rallies. "If they come to us humbly, we shall give them votes but if they disturb us,we shall leave them to God alone."Said the Okemwa Mairura.

Bishop Mairura who presided over the burial ceremony of the Kate John Obwogi, asked the church to pray for the world peace,families and individuals.He asked the congrragation to revere God in everything they did because without his guidance,nothing was unattainable.In a soul searching prayer referring to uncouth politicians,the Bishop said"If they laugh at us,we shall too show them our backs,God forgive and renew them."photo:The late Obwogi.

The Bishop's caution came after other politicians had criticized the Dagorretti North MP Simba Arati for engaging hooliganism whenever he held his meetings in Kisii.Among those who asked him to embrace respect for others, was the furner South Mugirango MP Omingo Magara.He accused him of abandoning his constituency in Nairobi to come and disturb the residents of the Magara.

Magara"s remarks followed those from former Kisii Mayor Mr.Samuel Omwando and Bobasi MP Innocent Momanyi.Mr.Momanyi said that Simba Arati had crossed the boundaries of the church to demand audience from the congregation."He caused commotion when he entered church with many loudy boys u till the police had to intervene."said Obiri.Arati said to employ similar political tactics with this of Sounth Mugirango Mr.Osorophoto:Slyivanus Osoro.

However,in one of the foras,Simba Arati said that he was in politics but not in the church.He vowed to capture the Kisii gubernatorial seat as he accuse Ongwae of corruption and lack of vision."Those in power failed to deliver,let the youth take the steering and free our peoole from the bondage of poverty."He said.Arati said he was pursuing his democrstic rights and wondered what his critics were out for.

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