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Daily Prayer For The New Beginnings

As you Recite this Prayer, Also pray that you will always rely on God's word. Pray For guidance in every area of your life.

Dear LORD,

Your word says that You look on people's hearts, so I am sure that you know the things that have been Troubling me lately. Please, guide me towards your Truth, And give me clear direction for what I should do next.

Heavenly and Almighty Father, I pray today for the new beginnings in my life. For I have seen afflictions and wanderings; I have been downcast and brokenhearted. Yet all things are made new in you, oh Lord.

Your Steadfast love never ceases and your mercies comes fresh and new every morning. Great is your faithfulness, O Lord, so I'll place my Hope and Faith in you. For in you alone come new beginnings.

You will wipe away my tears and restore me from from my desert wandering. You will make all things new and lead me to a new life in you. LORD, you are my portion and I will hope in you.

Give me a fresh Vision, let me experience your love so deeply that I am free to face the future with a steady eye, forgiven and strong in Hope.

In Jesus name I pray and believe.


May the Lord help you to be pure in area of your life, to think and do everything that's lovely, praiseworthy, and admirable in Jesus mighty name.

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