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How Long Should You Wait For God? Get Your Answers Below

Isaiah 60:22

Waiting on God is ideal, we may not fully understand why God wants to wait on him but we will eventually understand Ephesians 1:11 which means that everything will align according to God’s timing and purpose.

The Lord told me to wait, it has been an emotional journey of disappointment and brokenness,and eventually learning to look to Jesus, i have felt like giving up in this waiting season, There are days where I have fallen apart and there days I have been strong. And everytime my heart race to try things on my own the Lord caution me not to be in a hurry, I desire to complete my professional course, learn how to compose music among many others goals which I have set and they are currently unachieved. And as a result was bitter towards God, but the Lord is just and he has forgiven me. I desperately yearned for my own way not knowing that the Lord is shielding me from something and preparing me inside. I cannot see it now but I can envision it. After all it is written in 2 Corinthians 4: 18 that what is seen is temporal and what is unseen is eternal.

As I reflect my life, l have seen the hand of God, but I have been blinded by my fears and doubt as I was running the wrong race, the race of the world and not the race of Christ. I have been anxious to some certain extent, but I have learnt to rebound when I am low and when the enemy tries to weigh me down.

This waiting season has been like a needle piercing the skin ,but I have learnt to preserve , hold unto the word of God and not detest where I am currently as his word never fail.

Isaiah 55:11

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