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Why Angel Michael And Satan Were Fighting Over Moses' Body & Biblical Evidence

Jude referred to one of the most astounding biblical occurrences in Jude 1:9. In accordance with this chapter of scripture, the devil and the angel of God Michael engaged in a bloody conflict over Moses' body during his burial.

This incident is only referenced once in the Bible, in the book of Jude.

(KJV) Jude 1:19–14 (KJV) Michael the Archangel might have struck the Devil when they disagreed about Moses' corpse, but instead he murmured, "The Lord rebuke thee."

The only thing we can conclude from the texts of the Old Testament is that not even the children of Israel are aware of the precise location of Moses' grave today.

It is clear that the author of the book of Jude obtained his information from early works of Jewish culture because no other biblical passages reference the occurrences.

Many people regularly ponder why the devil would desire to take Moses' body given that he was one of history's greatest prophets.

These questions have been handled in various ways by several theologians. You must be aware that no one was certain of the location of Moses' grave if you are to be able to respond to this question.

According to early Jewish traditions, Michael was given the responsibility of burying the body; as a result, the devil appeared and tried to take the body away from him.

According to one reading, the devil may have felt justified in pronouncing Moses to be a sinner and to only be on the devil's side because he had been prevented from entering Canaan due to disobedience.

God might have had another purpose, in addition to the original one, for keeping the location of Moses' last resting place a secret from the Israelites in the first place.

It would have been simple for the people to perform a pilgrimage to his grave site in order to worship him instead of the God who performed the magnificent deeds through him because Moses was a guy who was widely respected by the Israelites and even by the surrounding countries.

Moses' body must have been sought after by the devil so that he could use it to make an idol or unimportant object of devotion, tricking the populace into worshiping him instead of the one and only real God.

At the end of the battle, Michael emerged victorious and was allowed access to Moses' body.

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