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Tonight Prayer And Bible Verses

Our heavenly dear Father,l come to you tonight for your love and care.Holy Spirit and Host of Heaven,l invite you into our midst to be with us and to remove everything that is not of You.Please minister to us and to protect us in all of our wsys tonight.

As l rest,Lord ,give me ideas,show me your plans,and reveal to my heart anything l need to know. I submit myself as your willing vessel and desire to follow your perfect will. In any area l may be unknowingly rebellious Lord,please deal with my heart and purify me.lam willing to be made willing in all things so that l don't miss your plans and purpose for my life.

Lord,you are an awesome God and serving you isa treasure. I thank you for providing for me,healing me,redeeming me,and making me your own. You have done great things for me and ,regardless of my circumstances,l will choose joy.

In the Almighty precious Name of Jesus,l pray these prayer Amen.

•Tonight BibleVerses ;

1•So don't worry about tomorrow,gor tomorrow will bring its own worries. Matthew 6:34.

2•When you lie down,you will nowill not be a fraid ;when you lie down,your sleep will be sweet. Proverbs 3:24.

3•l lay down and slept,yet l woke up in safety,for the Lord was watching over me Psalms 3:5.

4•I lift upmy eyes to the mountains where does my help come from?My help comed from the Lord,the maker of heaven and earth.

He will not let your fooy slip he who watches over Israel will neither slumbernor sleep. Psalms 122:1_4.

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