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"Yesu Alikanyaga Hapa" Sacred Stones in Vihiga County Where Residents Believe Jesus Christ Was There

By Fredrick Ameka

In Matsigulu Village, Maragoli Constituency, Vihiga County, there is a sacred place preserved by the village elders. The place is nearby a flowing stream surrounded by indigenous trees planted by the villagers, for visitors to easily identify the place. Accessibility is easy since there're no too many stones in the area.

One of the elders from the area who is keen to preserve the place is Mr Majimbo, a 76 year old man. He says, "For us who are residents of this area, this is like a holy place because we believe that long time ago even before our core fathers were born Jesus Christ was here. God who created human being created this unique shaped stones with special marks to confirm his existence. In other words God exists."

However, one of the stones appear like leaning on one side of the bigger one and its coffin like shape. According to Mr Majimbo, it symbolizes the death of Jesus meaning every human being will die and particularly Christians will be buried using a coffin. The larger stone has a mark of an human eye which symbolizes the care of God to his people. This means that God is always watching and no human being can hide from his sight.

He revealed that apart from the famous crying stone in Kakamega county, the place attracts many tourists. Majority of them are local Kenyans who would want to confirm the existence of sacred stones in the area. This has made great impact in preserving the religious historic features for future generation too.

Content created and supplied by: @fredrickameka (via Opera News )

Fredrick Ameka Maragoli Matsigulu Village Vihiga County Yesu Alikanyaga Hapa


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