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'Nikifa Hakuna Mtu Atashika Private Parts Zangu' Pastor Nganga's Sermon That Has Left People Talking

Pastor Nganga is one of the well known city preachers in Nairobi and he's the founder of Neno Evangelism Ministry located in Railways. Everyday, Nganga ensures he advises his fans about being responsible members of the society and basically doing what's best for them in their Christian journey. He also has an extension of his preaching that is often aired on a live TV. Today morning, he was actually preaching about how the young people are supposed to respect their elders not only when they are alive but also when they die. The city preacher went ahead and gave an example saying that when he dies, young nurses are not supposed to touch him inappropriately just because he's dead. He said that there must be some respect despite being dead. He went ahead and said that the issue of giving young nurses the task of working on his body will not be recommended at all.

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Nganga Nikifa


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