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Kenyan Female Celebrities Who Are Muslims But Don't Put On Hijabs

It's a requirement that all Muslim ladies and girls need to cover the top of their heads with a cloth called Hijab, this is according to the Muslim Practices.

It's one way they are able to fight adultery among their people, they believe that the first sin a man commits is adoring the beauty of a woman especially her hair.

Thus this Hijab is used to cover the head and part of the face so as to preserve a lady from the opposite gender who are unable to control themselves.

In Kenya, most Muslim women have embraced this culture but we have a few of them who do not take it serious especially celebrities.

Below is a number of Celebrities who do not put on Hijabs even though it's a requirement by the Islamic law:

1. Sara Hassan

2. Yasmin Said aka Maria of Citizen

3. Amina Abdi Rabar

4. Amina Mude

5. Amina Chao

6. Sabrina Jamal

7. Zahra Moi

What do you think about these Celebrities? Did they make the right decision to go against their religion?

Write your thoughts in the comments section below and please remember to follow, like and share. Thank you.

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