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Churches and Pastors Outside Zoned Area, Adopt This Cunning Means to Penetrate Zoned Region.

There was an order to stop all places of worship in corona red zone area from conducting service. This was effected by closure of all churches and mosques only allowing online service where only the clergy are allowed. This has led to people and especially christians from outside this region and who border the areas to device means to reach people at their homes.

In the boundary between Murang'a and Kiambu at Bluepost. A protestant church has heavily invested on massive loudspeakers to be able to cover several kilometres to reach a huge group of people in the Kiambu county interior. This way they are able to preach and engage people from the closed county. In the preaching it is heard that they are not taking offering in cash, this is followed by a paybill number where those at home are supposed to deposit their offering.

In another region of the same county, Makuyu Pastors are walking to the neighborhood of Machakos county. Here they are staging a door to door preaching to reach people. Inorder to cover a wide region, they have a program of everything they are supposed to do to each specific home they visit.

The above methods can be comspred to those in the Bible who failed to listen to God and authority and who ended up being destroyed. Listening to God Chosen learders like the president is a must. Failing to, is failing to listen to God's voice. People should join hands to say not to these group of people visiting their homes as they are a possibly spreading the corona virus.

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