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Before you judge, these are the things you need to know about Freemasons

Freemasons is the oldest fraternal organization that has remained a secret movement up to date.Its origin dates back to middle ages in Britain.Freemasons were ancient builders of cathedrals in England before they developed rites and ceremonies which made them famous in 1717.

Since then, people have been criticizing the organization terming it as evil.Before judging,these are the things you need to know about the Mason's

1.Freemason is not a religion

Though Freemasons perform some ritual s and ceremonies,they don't subscribe as a religion.Once you are Freemasons member, you are free to join any religion that acknowledges a Superior being as a sole creator

2.Freemason forbids atheists

Despite not identifying themselves with any religion, Mason's believe in the existence of God.Atheists don't believe to any Superior being and that makes them unfit to join the Freemasons society.

3.Freemason's symbols have different meanings from what we know

Many people misinterpret the meanings of the Freemasons symbols.The 'all seeing eye' in the logo means the all knowing nature of God.The compass is a Mason's symbol to indicate they are builders.The G in the middle, represents the term God, acknowledging him as the sole builder and creator of the universe.

4.Freemasons don't discuss neither politics nor religion in their meetings

You may find it hard to believe this but Freemasons discuss about charity and member elevation.Religion and politics which are sensitive topics are never discussed in their meetings

5.Freemasons membership is divided into three major degrees

Entered apprentice-it is the first stage after joining, the new member is welcomed and enjoys the title of a 'brother'

Fellow of the craft-The member is introduced to policies and philosophy of the organisation.The member in this is in the learning process and is commonly known as 'journeyman'

Master Mason-Its the highest degree where members are free to involve in the activities of the organization, travel andattend to transition ceremonies.

6.Masons live by principles of brotherly love, relief and truth

By brotherly love Freemasons take care of each other and are concerned about well being of their members.Relief implies on helping the less fortunate.Truth is the knowledge that keeps them pure

7.Catholic church forbids it's members from joining Freemasons

The church is the known for criticizing Freemasons principles and secrecy.In 1738,the Catholic Church termed Free Mason's as a devil's religion and hence forbade it's members from joining the organizations

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