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'Practice What You Preach' Rev. Natasha Slammed After Kenyans Noticed This On Her Photos

One of the most famous churches in Kenya is the Oracle Ministries that is led by Reverend Lucy Natasha.

This has always worked against them in the public eye as the church has been a victim of sharp criticism especially from how different the church runs its activities.

A few hours ago, Mama Oracle took to her official social media account and posted some photos that have attracted a lot of different fans online.

Rev. Lucy Natasha with her team. [All Images | Courtesy]

Rev. Lucy Natasha. [All Images | Courtesy]

''In the midst of our ministry activities, it's healthy taking time to rest and recharge. Having some delightful Archery moments. I always find it refreshing and enjoyable aiming the arrows to hit the target.

''May the Lord refresh, renew and recharge you. #CelebratingLife#TakingTimetoRest#LabourDay.'' Rev. Lucy Natasha posted on her official Instagram account.

Kenyans on social media noticed the kind of Rev. Natasha's dressing and they were not impressed with it.

They stated that she is a church leader and such tight trousers are inappropriate.

Others continued to attack her that she and her brother both have tattoos despite all that theBible stand for about body marks and tattoos.

Below are some of the assorted commentaries as posted by Kenyans and other social media account.

Don Issa, ''Family isn,t Just blood and bones it's the people who stood by you in the darkest times.''

Katerina, ''Kindly mama Oracle... Practice what you preach. Your dressing does not portray a church leader and someone who wants to lead Christians.''

Betty Pius, ''Mummy thank you for impacting in us ma, I love you ma. More grace mummy.''

Karanja Joel, ''With all these tattoos surely, why mislead people with your teachings.''

Akemo Waswa, ''A woman of God is not supposed to wear such tight clothing... this is too much. For once can we see something positive in this church!''

Mugo, ''The courage 😮😮... I admire you but hii trouser nayo ni tight saana... hadi tattoos on so called Brother. What does the bible say about body marks?''

Jenny Zuhura, ''This church is just mysterious in some way 🙌🙌. There are so many flows.''

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