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Great People In The Bible Who Still Needed A Saviour

There are a number of great people in the Bible that were personally chosen by God himself.

These people could talk to God, and God will answer them immediately. Although they were great,they were human and they had some shortcomings.

Check out these Men of God.

1. Adam.

He was the first man to be created by God. He had the Grace from God,and he was shown fruits to eat and those not to eat.

Although, he was lied to by the woman and he ended up eating the forbidden fruit.

2. Moses.

Moses was a great man. He represented God before pharaoh, and he led the Israelites through the red Sea.

Moses failed when God told him to talk to the rock in order to give water to the people, instead he hit the rock in anger. For this reason Moses did not see the promised Land, Canaan.

3. Abraham.

He is known as the father of faith. When God asked him to sacrifice his only son Isaac he accepted. When he was about to, God provided him a ram to sacrifice instead of his son.

4. Peter.

Peter was the disciple of Jesus. During the crucification of Jesus,Peter denied Jesus three times.

Peter repented,asked for forgiveness and he preached to people. Like in the da of Pentecost when holy Spirit came in form of fire.

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