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Pope Francis Cools The Hearts Of Many As He Warned Not To Thirsty for Wealth As Jesus Was Poor

If you frequently visit social media you have come across Pope Francis at some point. He is the pope and senior head of all Catholic churches in the world. He is a real servant of God who has led for decades as Pope. According to Catholicism doctrine, Seminaries, Nuns, Priests, Bishop and Pope are not allowed to get married or even engage in dating, it is forbidden. Pope Francis stays in Italy at Rome.

Few hours ago, Pope Francis has called upon people across the world to be humble this Christmas, while people confusethe festival season as a time to show off with big things. Pope has reminded them to be humble and recall that Jesus Christ was born in a manger and that this should remind everyone that it is not wealth or power that matters. He placed his emphasis on the things that money can not buy such as wisdom, life and health. He therefore advised people not to thirsty for wealth and power since Jesus Christ was poor.

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