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Why Persistence In Pray Is A Good Thing

Though I was born again Christian Holy Spirit filled me many times I could ask myself Will I ever stand? I was in a situation where I could not see the way out. My entire life was full of darkness. I didn't know how people survived.

My entire life was so done. Darkness was all around me. I felt alone and lonely. Lord, I cried my heart out and wish this darkness could end. I missed crying to my mom but she is not there. I missed sharing with my dad who loved me so much but he was not there.

I was on my island. But one thing that amazes me because I can remember I was always in prayers. I could tell God I know you will give me a new song. I could say I know my life will not end in tears. I could say I know my end will be great.

Persistence in Prayers was my daily life. O could kneel for hours just praying and declaring my life will change. I didn't know when or how but I knew God will one day change my life. In pain, I prayed. In rejection, I prayed. In loneliness, I prayed. I was always alone praying.

You might even not have many words because of pain just do that nothing in the presence of God. Even the language of silence in the presence of God He understands. Keep pushing in Prayers. Don't look for solutions elsewhere keep going on your knees.

Don't hold grudges Just let God take over your life. Don't complain or murmur just allow God to work things out. Mourning may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning. Your morning here is not far. If am standing today giving someone hope, you will stand too dear.

If I can give someone strength you will too dear. God can turn around situations and you are next online. Hold on to Christ. Hold on to God. He never disappoints but you have to choose to cry in the presence of God. May the Lord give you strength and grace to dwell in Prayers. God is coming to wipe away your tears and He not tarry.

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