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17 Types of Voluntary Charity Anyone Can Observe

In The name of Allah (God), The Most Gracious and The Most Merciful.

Not to be confused with one of the pillars of Islam i.e 'Zakat' (mandatory alms taken from the rich given to the poor annually) albeit Allah Himself refers to it as 'sadaqa' in quran chapter 9:60.

Unlike zakat, Sadaqah for those per taking this noble cause earn big rewards and there's no sin upon those who don't observe it.

And it ranges from every kind of good deed from big to small, hidden and made apparent.

With that in mind here are are 17 of the best types of Sadaqah (voluntary charity) anyone can benefit from:

1. Dua( supplication).

Pray for anyone you care about or any person who has asked you to.

2. Knowledge.

Spread knowledge as our beloved Prophet once taught in reference to knowledge, the best of us is he who has learned the holy quran and has taught it .

Also from amongst the sadaqa e jareah( good deeds that don't get exhausted even when you have died) is beneficial knowledge you taught people.

3. Advice.

Give advice to people who have asked you for it . In an authentic narration, our prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was heard as saying religion is advice.

4. Smile.

Perhaps a surprise in our list of voluntary charity. As something that is so common and yet of high benefit. Talk, greet and meet people with a smiling face.

5. Solve.

Help to solve people's problems. Don't contribute to problems just the solution.

6. Time.

Try as much as possible to create time for others. Don't wait till you be of those who regret and say 'i should have made time for so and so.'

7. Good morals.

Nurture not only your children , but also others around you by practicing good morals your self. It's important to also point out that good morals is also a key aspect of da'awah( invitation to islam) as seen in the prophet's life and highly emphasized in quran 33:21 " There has certainly been for you in the messenger of Allah (God) an excellent pattern for anyone whose hopes are in Allah(God) and the Last Day and (who) remembers Allah (God) Much."

8. Patience.

Be very patient especially in a difficult time and remember Allah. As was with all prophets and messengers of Allah (God).

9. Remind.

Remind your loved ones to always stay on the righteous path of Allah (God).

10. Forbid evil.

our beloved Prophet instructed us to forbid evil when we see it through 1 of 3 ways: stopping it through our hands, tongue and hating it in our hearts of which the latter is of the lowest levels of Iman(faith).

11. Talk softly.

Never be rude or harsh to fellow humans.

12. Forgive.

Forgive the people who ask for your forgiveness hence Allah will also have mercy on you in the day of Judgement.

13. Give respect.

Always strive to respect both the young and the old.

14. Be happy for others .

Especially when they are successful. It's perhaps one of the best ways to deal with jealousy.

15. Visit the sick .

One of the most underrated sunnah's of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) but one whose reward is enormous.

16. Clear the path.

Remove harmful objects on pathways such as a thorn, broken glass, a stone or anything that may hinder people in their movement.

17. Feed people.

Don't wait only for the holy month of ramadan to practice this noble deed.

There are lots of good deed out there it's upon us to try as much as possible to observe them and rip huge rewards.

Content created and supplied by: Uzeirabdul95 (via Opera News )

Allah Dua( Islam Sadaqah


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