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3 Greatest Unsolved Mysteries Of The Bible

The following are the three greatest mysteries of the Bible that still remain unsolved.

The missing books.

The bible is one of the longest texts ever written. It consists of 66 separate books but surprisingly, this was meant to be 83. At least 17 have mysteriously disappeared from our modern bible and no one knows what happened to them. We know that the books existed once, because they are referenced in other parts of the Bible, for example, 1 Chronicles 29:29 mentioned the records of 'Nathan the Prophet' and 'God the seer, ' both of which seem to have mysteriously disappeared.

2) What date and year was Jesus born.?

The date of birth of Jesus is not stated in the Gospels or in any historical reference, but most biblical scholars assume a year of birth between 6 and 4BC. The nativity accounts in the New Testament Gospels of Matthew and Luke do not mention a time of year for birth of Jesus. Both Luke and Matthew associate Jesus' birth with the time of Herod the Great. Matthew 2:1 states that "Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judaea in the days of Herod that King."

3) Where was Eden?

Adam and Eve had a relationship with God, a home with God, and they ruined their blessing. Their actions introduced the world to sin. Something that we can ask ourselves is that where was the glorious home they were cast away from?. A river went out from Eden to water the garden from there it divided and became the source of four rivers namely: River Pishon, Gihon, Tigris and Euphrates. Genesis 2:10-14. No one knows firsthand what they experienced in Eden. Not only that, but no one precisely knows where the garden was located. The Garden of Eden must have been in the middle of East based on the Tigris and Euphrates, but where is unclear.

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